Illegal logging

Illegal logging usually occurs in remote regions, where enforcement is difficult or nonexistent

Illegal logging destroys critical ecosystems, undermines global efforts to counter climate change, and fuels corruption that underpins wider criminal networks. On a local level, these activities threaten the livelihoods and ways of life for entire communities. Illegal logging also leads to increased contact between humans and wildlife that can result in pathogen spillovers and pandemics. 

The illegal logging industry is estimated to be worth between $51 and $152 billion annually (Source), highlighting the scale of this global challenge.  

Global networks

The Nature Crime Alliance is bringing a wide range of stakeholders together to address the challenges of illegal logging. Its focus is on the high level – often international – networks driving illegal deforestation, rather than ‘small scale’ actors. Our approach focuses on particular strategic priority areas, including tools and technology to help fight illegal logging; a financial crime workstream targeting illicit financial flows linked to illegal logging; and ongoing work on supply chains.

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