Tools and Technology


Increasingly, criminals use mobile devices, social media, the dark web, and other technologies to commit nature crimes. To meet the demands of this evolved environment, law enforcement agencies must understand how to access and secure data from various devices and platforms, as well as how to put these investigative pieces together through cooperation among federal, state, local, and international agencies, and local communities.

Best Practices

T&T in the fight against nature crime

Tools and technology also offer a direct solution for tackling nature crime, from harnessing satellite monitoring technologies to enhancing supply chain security.

This strategic priority area brings together innovators, law enforcement and frontline defenders to foster co-design, uptake, and application of innovative technologies to detect and disrupt nature crime.

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The Nature Crime Alliance is a global, multi-sector network comprising organisations committed to tackling nature crime. Governments and law enforcement agencies, civil society organisations, academic institutions, public and private donors, companies and financial institutions, Indigenous Peoples groups, and local communities are invited to express interest in becoming a recognised participant in the Alliance.

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