Financial crime

Following the money

The profits of nature crime often find their way into illicit financial flows or are laundered into legitimate corporate interests. By following the money, we can identify nature crime and help bring down the financial networks that perpetrators rely on.

Financial crimes often carry tougher sentences than many nature crimes. Targeting financial crimes and disrupting illicit financial flows is therefore a highly effective way of going after the perpetrators of nature crime.

Best Practices

Financial Flows, Beneficial Ownership, and Accountability

This priority area seeks to address the financial crime and corruption elements of nature crime. It aims to bolster development and application of cutting-edge approaches for identifying and disrupting financial flows linked to these crimes. The Alliance brings together the private sector, financial investigation units, and enforcement organisations to share best practice and develop solutions to address these challenges.

For more information, contact Lynn Schlingemann, Senior Associate, Financial Crime and Corruption:

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Join the Alliance

The Nature Crime Alliance is a global, multi-sector network comprising organisations committed to tackling nature crime. Governments and law enforcement agencies, civil society organisations, academic institutions, public and private donors, companies and financial institutions, Indigenous Peoples groups, and local communities are invited to express interest in becoming a recognised participant in the Alliance.

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