About the Alliance

Together, we can end crimes against people and planet.

The Nature Crime Alliance is a global, multi-sector network that raises political will, mobilises financial commitment, and bolsters operational capacity to fight nature crime and the other international criminal activities with which it converges.

Our approach: Building global collaboration to fight nature crime

The Nature Crime Alliance has been co-created with a wide range of organisations from different sectors to enhance the global response to crimes against people and planet. The Alliance seeks to complement existing initiatives by serving as a catalyser for member projects, an amplifier of strategies and initiatives, a convener of key stakeholders, and as a developer of novel solutions to nature crime.

Members of the Alliance include governments, law enforcement agencies, international and civil society organisations, Indigenous Peoples and local community groups, and private sector actors.

The Alliance is managed by a Secretariat hosted by World Resources Institute with participation from UNODC. The overall direction of the Alliance is overseen by a Steering Committee, consisting of voluntary members who share the Alliance’s vision to end nature crime.

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