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Nature Crime Alliance welcomes WWF

WWF is the latest organisation to join the Nature Crime Alliance – a global, multi-sector network that raises political will, mobilises finanical commitment, and bolsters operational capacity to fight nature crime.

For more than 60 years, WWF has worked to help people and nature thrive. Today, it operates in nearly 100 countries to conserve and restore nature and tackle climate change.

WWF joins the Nature Crime Alliance to further its work on a range of issues that converge with Alliance members, including financial crime related to land conversion and the disruption of illegal wildlife trade.   

Nature crime – criminal forms of logging, mining, fishing, wildlife trade and land conversion – threatens ecosystems, undermines global biodiversity and climate goals, and robs governments and communities of resources and revenue. These activities regularly converge with other forms of serious organised crime, including drugs and arms trafficking, and often give rise to human rights violations.

The Alliance has been formed in response to this critical global issue, and brings together governments, law enforcement, civil society, international organisations and frontline defenders, including Indigenous People and local communities, to build greater collaboration in response to these crimes.

Crawford Allan, Vice President, Nature Crimes and Policy Advocacy, WWF, commented: “WWF has worked for decades to tackle the combined threats of nature crime that devastate our wild places and undercut natural resource equity for vulnerable economies and communities. Joining the Nature Crime Alliance brings WWF’s experience, resources, and reach to bear alongside the governments and partners in the Alliance, as a unified front to counter the criminal operations that drive and profit from environmental degradation.”

Yulia Stange, Director of the Nature Crime Alliance Secretariat, commented: “WWF has a strong record of success in driving initiatives that tackle nature crime and protect biodiversity. Through joining the Alliance, WWF can deepen collaboration with our multi-sector membership and help scale solutions to nature crime into new regions and contexts.”

The Nature Crime Alliance Secretariat is hosted by WRI, with participation from UNDOC.

For more information, please contact Luke Foddy, Communications Manager, at

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