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Ghana joins the Nature Crime Alliance to bolster capacity on forestry protection

Ghana has joined the Nature Crime Alliance – a global, multi-sector network that aims to raise political will, mobilise financial commitment, and bolster operational capacity to fight nature crime.

With extensive forests and a thriving fishing industry, Ghana shares some of the same challenges that many countries face – the criminal exploitation of natural resources. Illegal gold mining is a particular focus of concern. By joining the Nature Crime Alliance, Ghana will gain access to a global network committed to finding solutions to these challenges.

Speaking on joining the Alliance, John Allotey, Chief Executive of Ghana’s Forestry Commission, said: “Ghana takes the issue of nature crime extremely seriously. We are committed to protecting our natural resources and the communities that depend on them.

“These crimes are global crimes, and need a global response. That’s why we’re pleased to be joining the Nature Crime Alliance to bolster our capacity and build the relationships that are essential in fighting these crimes.”

WATCH: Chief Executive Allotey also spoke at the Alliance’s official UNEA-6 side event

Yulia Stange, Director of the Nature Crime Alliance, commented: “We’re delighted to welcome Ghana into the Nature Crime Alliance as it works to combat the challenges of illegal logging, mining, and fishing, which are found in many countries around the world. We’re looking forward to leveraging the expertise and resources within the Alliance to develop solutions together and in support of Ghana’s efforts to fight nature crime, as well as the learnings that Ghana can impart to Alliance members.”

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