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Nature Crime Alliance events at Forest Government and Policy Conference 2024  

The Nature Crime Alliance Secretariat is hosting two sessions at the upcoming Forest Governance and Policy Conference (FGP24), which convenes in Washington DC on 29 April.

The conference is bringing together a range of actors working on issues across the forestry sector, including illegal logging, recent legislation, and tools and technology to support forest management.

Financial crime linked to forestry crime

The Alliance Secretariat is convening officials from the US State Department and UNODC, along with thought leaders from Transparency International, the FACT Coalition, and HSBC to explore strategies for tackling financial crime linked to forestry crime. Lynn Schlingemann, Senior Associate, Financial Crime and Corruption, Nature Crime Alliance, will be moderating the session, which takes place on Wednesday 1 May, 11:00am to 12:30pm ET.

Speakers include:

Rowena Watson, Office of Sanctions Coordination, US Department of State
Paul Hackett, Global Programme against Money Laundering, UNODC
Scott Greytak, Transparency International
Julia Yansura, FACT Coalition
Nick Schumann, HSBC
Lynn Schlingemann, Nature Crime Alliance (Moderator)

Introduction to the Nature Crime Alliance

The Alliance Secretariat will also be hosting a side event on Tuesday 30 April aimed at those with limited knowledge of the Alliance and its work. The side event, which takes place 10:30am to 11:30am, will present an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Alliance and its aims, as well as the wider need for multi-sector collaboration to fight nature crime.

Speakers include:

Yulia Stange, Nature Crime Alliance Secretariat
Christine Dawson, OES, US Department of State
Raphael Edou, Environmental Investigation Agency
Chip Barber, WRI (Moderator)

FGP24 is primarily an in-person conference, although the main sessions, including the convening on financial crime, will be streamed online. The Alliance side event will not be streamed.

The conference takes place at the World Resources Institute offices, Washington DC.

Find out more and register for FGP24 here.

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